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a pretty face, another place i never get to know

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a pretty face, another place i never get to know

Post by James Potter on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:09 pm

I've already listed a few, but if you think our characters have interacted enough to have a place on this, just list their name and describe their relationship, and I'll add them ^.^ Feel free to also throw plot ideas at me too.

James Potter

Slytherin (Formerly Gryffindor) - Sixth Year - Pansexual


Evelyn Grayson - Played by Sky
Just call my name, I'll be there
- Probably the first person outside of his siblings to think of James as James
- James may or may not have a bit of a crush on her



Harry Potter- Played by Jules
You are my daaad. You're my dad! Boogie woogie woogie!
- Harry receives all of James' teenage angst
- Should really learn how to connect with his own son

Albus Potter - Played by Jules
Little brother, a ship can't sail without the water, no.
- Bro code
- They should really hang out more despite the undeniable brotherly bond

Lily Potter - Played by Bec
Your eyes are filled with tears, sis lets get out of here
Cause I love you baby sister, lets go home

- James is probably the brother Lily is closest to
- Once had to make him a stamina potion


Azazel Baptist - Played by Jules
If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right
If being right means being without you
I'd rather live a wrong doing life

- It's complicated

Evelyn Grayson
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you

- Heart eyes
-Are feelings reciprocated? Find out more at 11

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adam brody
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Slytherin Sixth Year

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