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The Trouble at the Party

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The Trouble at the Party

Post by Henry Gillingsworth on Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:02 am

Its 21:00 and Henry is at a Party for his new book that he published called " The Snitch and The Witch ". Henry really liked his new book as it told a tale from his time in Hogwarts; but only he knows its true.
Henry is at the entrance of the venue welcoming all the critics and important people to the party and thanks them for reading his book and taking time to be here; when a familiar face walks through the door, "Its the Witch from the story," He told himself, he knew it was her the second he saw the crystal clear eye's and the long blonde hair. he shook her hand and continued to welcome her to the party; as they both linked eye contact she smirked and he knew something bad was about to happen.
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Re: The Trouble at the Party

Post by Amelia Darte on Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:10 am

It had been a while since the tattooed blonde had attended a muggle function but when it came to a certain Wizard Author that she knew from school, she simply had to. With clutch in hand, she sauntered up the steps and immediately spotted Henry Gillingsworth who was a Hufflepuff she had befriended in their younger years. "Henry," She breathed out, holding out her hand for him to take and smiled in her wicked way to show she was only there to cause trouble. "Congratulations on your new book. The story definitely seems...familiar." Amelia had whispered into his ear, kissing at his cheek in polite greeting.
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