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Avatar Requests

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Avatar Requests

Post by Prinkipissa Khione on Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:02 pm

Technically, this could go into the graphics area of the site, but since I know not everyone has the ability to make 220x390 avatars (which would come in handy due to the miniprofile), I felt as if it'd be a good idea to take requests to make life easier on you. You DON'T have to credit me. Also, these are going to be hosted on the site's servimg account, so you don't have to rehost. if you really want to though, go ahead. Just use the form as needed. I just suggest that if you want any particular images used that they're easy to work with on a 220x390 base.

Character Name:
Face Claim:
Any Particular Pictures?
Any Specific Type of Coloring?
Alias :
Posts :
Blood Status :
occupation :
mermaid princess
Sexual Orientation :
school :
Faction :
her people
face claim :
jung jinsoul
gif 2 :
Mermaid Royalty

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