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blair marino

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blair marino

Post by Blair Marino on Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:26 pm

Subject: blair Marino    Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:04 pm

The Basics
Name: Blair marino 
Nicknames: ( if any )
Age: 16
Blood Status: ( Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggleborn, etc ) Pureblood 
Hometown: Rome, italy 
Current Home: Nyc 
Nationality: Italian 
School: ( Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, etc ) Illvermony 
Sexual Orientation: ( Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, etc ) Straight 
Wand:( length, core, wood, etc ) 11, unicorn hair, oak 

Hair Color: Dirty blonde 
Hair Style: Short 
Eye Color: Hazel 
Body Type: ( skinny, muscular, slim, etc ) Tall and muscular 
Other Distinguishing Features: Scar on right arm 
Clothing Style: Wears anything 

Personality ( this contains likes, dislikes, weaknesses, strengths, etc, and be as detail as you can be, since we want to know your character )
Likes: horse back riding, quidditch, traveling  
Dislikes: Following rules, Being bossed around, crowds 
Weaknesses: his mother, Pretty girls, following rules 
Strengths: sword fighting, defense against the dark arts, quidditch 
Positive Traits: kind, honest, hard working 
Negative Traits: trust issues, Insecure, stubborn 

Father's Name: Andrea marino 
Age: 62 
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood 
Occupation: Royalty 
Status: ( Living or Deceased ) Living 

Mother's Name: Anna marino 
Age: 58 
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood 
Occupation: Royalty 
Status: ( Living or Deceased ) Living 

Siblings ( name, age, blood/species, occupation, status, etc )
 Jacob pietro, 19, pureblood, living 
Children: ( name, age, blood/species,occupation, status, etc )

Spouses/Partners: ( name, age, blood/species, occupation, status, etc )

Pets: ( name, age, species, status, etc )

Other Key Members: ( name, age, blood/species, occupation, status, etc ) 

History: Blair was always a playful child f2f rowing up. He loved to explore his families castle and always found himself getting into things he should not have been getting into. His nick name growing up was tornado because he left a mess everywhere he went due to his clumsiness. 

Blair attended beauxbatons with his brother and tried his best to get good grades, but school never came easy to him. And it still doesn't as a 6th year.  Once he began his 6th year, he transferred to Illvermony. Hebloves it in america because of the freedom away from his family. 

Most of Blair's time outside of school is spent travelling the world on his royal duties. He hopes to one day find true love in an arranged marriage or at least find happiness in one.

Family History: Blair is the heir to the throne of Italy even though he is not the first born son. His father had an affair with the queens maiden which resulted in the birth of his older brother jacob. He loves his brother and looks up to him as would any little brother. His parents remain together do the sake of blair and jacob and for the sake of Italy

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Re: blair marino

Post by Hydra Lam on Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:39 pm

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