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plasticine ((open))

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plasticine ((open))

Post by Narkissos Jetson on Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:20 am

Narkissos found himself quite bored this summer. His family didn't have any vacations planned and he constantly found himself in the same routine everyday. The repetitive nature of everything was pissing him off, and it didn't help a housemate hasn't been texting him much due to dealing with his own problems. What exactly could he even do? One thing that he knew for sure was that he needed to get out of the house. After all, once the school year starts back up again, he'd be stuck following the same routine he was used to, so it would be a good thing to enjoy summer's freedoms while he could.

He ended up in Knockturn Alley which he didn't mind at all although his parents would beg to differ. He looked around the area until he spotted Cobbs and Webbs. To him, this meant an opportunity to possibly buy some things he can smuggle into his room without his parents knowing. After all, he found himself to be pretty damn good at putting on a face. Narkissos looked up at the building and shrugged walking in. For all he knew, he could end up actually having a bit more of a social life today.

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