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the rich and corrupt (open)

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the rich and corrupt (open)

Post by Alexei Chekov on Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:30 pm

Lex had mixed feelings about Norway, because, for the past several years, the man traveled. He had spent quite a bit of time in America for the past several years. Where he had resided in the Washington Area, and now here he had been in Norway, teaching students even though he disliked kids. And having been in Norway for a few months, even though he had been in their in centuries aside from the occasional passing through. Lex had decided that he would go into the Port of Durmstrang because it was the closest thing that actually intrigued the man.

He had walked through alleyways and had looked around. The guy disliked being in places that had those who were poor because he often looked down on those. The vampire had watched all people who had resided in the poor alley of the port and had looked letting out a sneer. "The filth of this world." even though he knew most had heard him. Walking he walked to the nearest person and gave them a small malicious smirk. "How do people deal with this, lad?"

Even though the misery had amused him.

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