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Talia Stilldancer

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Talia Stilldancer

Post by Talia Stilldancer on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:54 pm

Name: Talia Vesta Stilldancer
Nicknames: Tal, dancer
Age: 18
Blood Status: Half-blood
Hometown: London, England
Current Home: Oslo, Norway
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts; Slytherin alum
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Wand: Ash, kelpie hair, 7 3/4", slightly yielding, dark brown with starry patterns

Hair Color: Naturally brown; varies as she tends to dye it various wild colors
Hair Style: Short, messy, fringe
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Tall, slim
Height: 5'8
Other Distinguishing Features: Has various tattoos of X's on her upper back
Clothing Style: Lots of black, faux fur, hoodies, cybergoth accessories, mainly goggles

Likes: Death, dystopian novels, hair dye, j-pop (a guilty pleasure), cheesy horror movies from the 70s, comic books, drawing, sinning
Dislikes: Most people, law enforcement, One Direction, conventionality
Weaknesses: Divination, most light magic, introverted, more discovered through RP
Strengths: Sinning, lying, telling it like it is, more discovered through RP
Positive Traits: Ambitious, intelligent, discreet, more discovered through RP
Negative Traits: Misanthropic, pessimistic, untruthful, stubborn, blunt

Father's Name: Erebus Stilldancer
Age: 43
Blood Status/Species: Half-blood
Occupation: Auror
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Christine Stilldancer (nee. Harris)
Age: 42
Blood Status/Species: Half-blood
Occupation: Editor for Witch Weekly
Status: Living


Brother's Name: Harold Stilldancer
Age: 22
Blood Status/Species: Half-blood
Occupation: Bartender
Status: Living

Sister's Name: Darlene Stilldancer
Age: 16
Blood Status/Species: Half-blood
Occupation: Hogwarts Student
Status: Living

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Key Members: N/A

Born as the middle child to Erebus and Christine Stilldancer, Talia was never as spoiled as her other siblings. Due to her father often working due to his job as an Auror, her mother was really the only parent who was in the house often to provide for her children although she spent majority of the time fixated on Harold and Darlene. As her siblings were given more attention, Talia found herself often relying on only herself, so she decided to might as well teach herself various life skills just to be able to provide for herself. She began to grow some envy towards her siblings for getting some of the better material objects and treatment in comparison to her. She was just the one in the middle after all.

On her first day at Hogwarts, Talia got sorted into Slytherin which was a contrast to her brother who was a Gryffindor and later her sister who got sorted into Hufflepuff. It didn't take long for her to become irritated by her classmates; she began to distance herself from them as much as she could to not get involved whatever might be their bullshit of the week. Gradually during her first few years at Hogwarts, she began to realize that she had a rather unique ability; that revelation had caused her to want to dive more into it. However, Talia ended up having to resort to practicing her skills on whatever mice or rats that came in her path as she didn't want to deal with the consequences of performing such things on her classmates. Around that same time, she realized that she's attracted to those of the same gender, but she didn't mind as it meant stupid boys wouldn't distract her from growing her power.

Deciding to try to majorly stand out due to being the middle child, Talia began to dye her hair rather vivid colors. She wanted to be recognized as Talia not Harold's little sister or Darlene's weird older sister even though it's not as though she ever attempted to be in the spotlight at all anyway. She mainly spent her last few years at Hogwarts being reclusive from others after deciding to have more of a mysterious aura; she didn't want to end up newest shark bait for other people's gossip after all. After she graduated, she stayed incognito for a while often sneaking out of her parent's house to try to gain a more strong control of her ability only to find herself moving to Norway after being recruited by a Death Eater.

The Stilldancers are a middle class half-blood family that had migrated to the United Kingdom from America over the years. Talia's line happens to be one of those branches that had opted to not stay in America.

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Re: Talia Stilldancer

Post by Talia Stilldancer on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:54 pm

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Death Eater

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