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Elysium Kade

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Elysium Kade

Post by Elysium Kade on Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:01 am

Name: Elysium Kade
Nicknames: Ely, Crow, Princess
Age: 17
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Current Home: Durmstrang and Athens.
Nationality: Greek
School: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: Yew, Griffin Hair and Dragonheart string, 10", sturdy. The handle is in the shape of a wolf's head, covered in runes as that is the Kade family's specialty along with Alchemy. The one is black but as it gets to the Wolf's head, it turns into a reddish brown and the wolf's eyes are the same as Elysium's.

Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: In waves, hits her waist.
Eye Color: Left eye is bright blue and the right is a greenish yellow - looks gold in some light.
Body Type: Muscular, slim.
Height: 5'7
Other Distinguishing Features: A burn scar on her back (A herbal witch was asked to expel Elysium from the womb with a poison that would only kill the baby but she survived, the scar being her reminder), a scar on her right eye. Her body is also covered in Runes that her grandmother tattooed into her skin even at a young age. Many scars cover her body.
Clothing Style: Leather jackets, low hanging tank tops, skinny jeans and combat boots. Will wear dresses but only if necessary.

Likes: Fighting, men, runes, alchemy, wolves and every kind of dog.
Dislikes: Being called weak, being questioned on her actions, being doubted.
Weaknesses: Fiery temper, her family, her dogs.
Strengths: Her fiery temper, her passion, fighting
Positive Traits:When she loves, she loves completely, she's protective, quick thinker, observant, can read body language and facial expressions VERY well.
Negative Traits: Anxiety at times, can get panicky, thinks TOO much

Father's Name: Nereus Kade
Age: 36
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: King of Greece
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Pandora Kade nee Abhorsen
Age: 36
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Queen of Greece
Status: Living

Siblings: Caspian, 19, Pureblood, Prince of Greece, Living
             Niklaus, 17, Pureblood, Princess of Greece, Living - Elysium's twin.
             Scarlyt, 13, Pureblood, Princess of Greece, Living

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: Verlac, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, 3.

Other Key Members: N/A

Elysium was born in the shadow of the night, no moon to shine upon her body, only the candles to allow her parents to see her pale skin and fine black hairs upon her head. She opened her eyes, revealing her heterochromia that matched her older brother of two years; a green and blue eye. The moment she had opened her eyes, the candles snuffed out and the windows were thrown open, allowing the cold air to envelope her family and her mother almost dropped her as the cold made her shiver violently, the shock of having just given birth making it worse than a normal shiver but thankfully, Caspian felt a strong urge to be with his parents and ran into the room, having caught the baby's head. From that moment on, Caspian vowed to always protect his little sister and recalled a history lesson he just had about Greek Mythology. "Elysium," He whispered, his first proper word without stuttering and then it was decided, her name would be Elysium after the Elysian Plains.

Through the years, until Caspian went to Durmstrang, they were never separated even during their training with multiple kinds of weapons, apart from one night when Elysium was eight years old. She was kidnapped by four men who thought her beauty would be worth a pretty penny and because she kept struggling, it caused her to get violently abused. Her father was the one that found her, sword in hand and killed them all. She was crying and screaming, complaining about how much her body hurt and when he looked at her, she was covered in so many cuts that the only thing unharmed was her face. She almost died that day from the blood loss but she kept fighting, kept fighting for life and for survival that after that day, she never stopped training and became even better than Caspian who was studying at Durmstrang.

The day before she left for Durmstrang, excitement filling her body, she finally took down her father and all her mother did was scold her. Pandora hated how much Elysium fought, despite having gone to Durmstrang herself but she wanted to get away from that life, where all there was in that school was dark arts and fighting but Elysium loved it. It made her feel alive. Her father had given her a hidden blade gauntlet, where she could jolt her wrist sharply and a blade would come out.

Six years later and Elysium is on the top of her game, top of her class and striving for something greater even if she didn't know what exactly that was. Caspian was travelling the world but would always find a way to speak to her, even if it was through the fireplace in her dorm room. Those times were always the highlight of her days. She found education was more important than men but most of the guys in the school found it intimidating how good of a fighter she was, or would talk down to her, doubting her skills so they didn't really want to date her.

However her days in Durmstrang weren't always so bright. She had fallen for someone's charm once and he played her like a fiddle, knowing this. It was perfect at first, him treating her like the Warrior she was but then when she started going back to training instead of watching him doing training instead, he started to beat her. He hurt her so bad that even professors grew concerned, but they put it down as training too hard. That's when Elysium discovered the full extent of her abilities. She already knew she had control over air and water but the other two, didn't come through until then. The last day he beat her, the last day she actually set eyes on him, the fire came through with a force she didn't know what was inside of her and she unleashed it all on him. His body now is completely scarred but he still breathes, unfortunately. Elysium avoids all human contact now.

Now the story of the Herbal witch; Pandora had a bad omen about Elysium's birth, being scared of the child she and her husband created and despite her husband's refusal, met up with the Herbal Witch and begged for her help to rid her of the demon spawn growing in her belly. The Witch told her that she would be unable to have more children, a curse of getting rid of one but Pandora begged and pleaded, hating the way the baby felt inside of her and how different she felt from Caspain's and Scarlyt's birth. However, even though Pandora thought she was rid of the baby, it was a surprise when her belly still got bigger and bigger so she returned to the Herbal witch in a fit of fury but the witch backed away, her gaze watery as she stared at the baby bump. "She has been touched by Death, if you lay a hand on me or that child, Death will surely come for you. You've given the baby what she needed. If anyone hurts that child, Death will come for those." The Herbal Witch cried out, to the point where Pandora believed it to be in fear but the witch was smiling, her joy so strong and thick that it was more suffocating than the smell of the herbs. After Elysium was born, the Herbal Witch became her teacher and told her the truth of her scar causing Elysium to hate her mother.

There is one person that i've not mentioned. Niklaus. Whilst being close to Elysium and his other siblings, it was his parents who despised him. The story as to why will have to be left for Niklaus to tell but know this; the twins are trouble together and chaos apart. Split up the twins and you may as well call for the end of days.

The Kade family was founded in Greece, along with a few other families before they ventured off to take parts of the other worlds. They lived in the secluded caved underground as Magic had been deemed something only the gods could do and if you were found doing magic, you were sacrificed to give your powers to the Gods. Some of the Kade family, keeping their roots mainly in Greece, went to Durmstrang and their ancestor, Avus' name travels through the hall of Durmstrang as though he were a god. Some family members did travel off the experience the other schools; apart from beauxbatons but they always came back as Durmstrang was considered home to them as it was rough and vulgar, like their home in Greece.

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Re: Elysium Kade

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:10 am


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