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What does this mean (Vlad)

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What does this mean (Vlad)

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:33 am

Mackenzie had a bunch of things running around in her head. ALl the things about Vladimir having a crush on her. She didnt know if any of it was true. He had been so mean to her, he could not possibly like her. Could he? He groaned and wrote out a letter to him telling him to meet her at the waters edge before sending it off and heading down to the lake. She threw on her leather jacket with her black skinny jeans and red long sleeved shirt as it was kind of cold out. SHe slid on her combat boots and tightened the laces before walking down to the waters edge to wait for the boy in question

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Re: What does this mean (Vlad)

Post by Vladimir Lazar on Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:14 am

Vlad had sighed when he got the note. It was as good of time as any to tell her. He frankly was finding it harder and harder to be mean to her as his feelings grew every single day for her. He thought that he would finally come out with it. He had ordered a bouquet of roses to be delivered and waited for them to come by the floo network before heading out. He was wearing a dark fur lined coat with black jeans and a tight black shirt under it. Seeing her he moved ever so slowly over to her. What he was about to do was really hard for him. He had never expressed his feelings to anyone before.

Clearing his throat to make his presence known he held the bouquet behind his back as he waited for her to acknowledge him. It felt like a lump was forming in his mouth with each passing second.
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Re: What does this mean (Vlad)

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:07 am

Mackenzie turned when he cleared his throat and gave him a soft smile. She pushed a strand of blonde hair out of her face and locked her green eyes with his blue ones. She bit her lip nervously and walked over to him "hello Vladimir. Thank you for meeting me" she said as her face flushed pink

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Re: What does this mean (Vlad)

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