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Pain is Only Temporary (Alexei)

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Pain is Only Temporary (Alexei)

Post by Apollo Coffinberger on Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:54 pm

Apollo was in the cells. He had tried to find somewhere to hide before someone came down he wanted just one day that he didn't have to worry about being hurt sadly that wasn't going to happen he knew that though he just wanted to get out. Sighing he laid on his back on the little bit of straw that was his mattress no one knew he was here and no one cared he had no one since his father was arrested. There was no one who would care what happened to him no knew he was alive or existed so he must just live his life. Getting up he drew another line onto the wall he had been there for three and a half years that he existed in pain. He was basically skin and bones due to only having just a little bit of bread and water.

Hearing the door he scurried to the corner and curled up trying to make himself invisible. Biting his lip as he waited to see who was coming. Though he half knew who it was. Apollo closed his eyes as he waited for the worst he didn't know what it was going to be this time. He tried to remain still he didn't dare move a muscle maybe they would just walk away. He hoped that he wouldn't be that lucky he never was.
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Re: Pain is Only Temporary (Alexei)

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:41 pm

Lex had been in a pissed off mood for days, since his tortures have been becoming rather boring to him. Even though he loved the sound of hearing the poor souls in pain, he still didn't like when the bored him. Making him wonder who else he could torture then he took thoughts of his younger prisoners and he let out a smirk as he soon knew exactly who was to toture.

Then soon leaving to walk the halls of the headquarters with a smirk. He knew he was going to hurt the prisoner whenever he found him. Soon leaving him to wonder what he could use them for and soon he saw the door to the cells where the younger innocent prisoners was and soon he looked.

Leaving him to enter a room where he heard scurries of someone, and he said. " Come out whoever you are!! Since your going to having some fun, and I promise you coming out will be worth you while. " he said knowing damn well it was only to be fun for himself and soon looking.

" Now come the fuck out!! " said Alexei.

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