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azkaban interviews ((harry))

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azkaban interviews ((harry))

Post by Edith Grayson on Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:37 pm

Edith had found herself desperate for juicy gossip involving the Potter family, mainly Harry himself, and she felt as if the best way of doing so was to hear from the horse's mouth himself. As she was being escorted to Harry's cell for extra security, she gave a nod of acknowledgement to the Death Eaters who worked there as escorts. She had loved seeing the Daily Prophet being used as a propaganda machine as of late; it meant more readers which meant more profit. Profit was one of the most important things to Edith other than making sure her daughters grew up being pure, not necessarily in the sense of blood being half-blood, and traditional. She was disgusted with the youth of today based off of her own personal experience and the stuff Evelyn had told her when school wasn't in session. She stood in front of Harry's cell with a notepad and an automatic writing pen in hand. "Mr. Potter?"
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