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hollow city (open)

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hollow city (open)

Post by Jenna Bishop on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:50 am

Jenna enjoyed her Hogsmeade weekends and going to explore all it had to offer. Despite having been to the places numerous times but it never seems to phase the Ravenclaw. Today she decided to go and visit the Catacombs, a place she found to be intriguing and also very interesting. She entered the gate and took a glance around and let out a sly smile, the dead were always so peaceful and carefree. The Ravenclaw looked at each of the gravestones and let out a small smile. Jenna knew that many people found her to be quite weird which didn't phase her, she wasn't there to please them. The girl saw another person which seem common as people were always there to pay their respects.

She walked over to the person and let out a small smile. "Let me guess your here to pay your respects? Or searching for the solitude that the Catacombs offer."
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