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Delivery Successful (Belle)

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Delivery Successful (Belle)

Post by Apex Batts on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:13 pm

Dear Belle,

As I understand it, the package has reached it's destination. That mask seemed to please him, I bet he enjoyed that party. If you want my guess, he was stuck in awe. The bats have told me that he lost his train of thought and was likely overwhelmed by the party. He didn't pass out or anything, more like he got distracted by the atmosphere... Maybe the food as well... Either way, that was very kind of you to send that. Ever since I helped you though, I've had this feeling inside of me and I can't tell what it is. It doesn't offer any particular discomfort, but I can feel it. I can't tell whether I like or despise it... It brings something back, but it is a distant thing. I'll just push it aside for now, handle it later... How's Aerix doing? He being his usual self, possibly a little more quiet recently. I'm sure he's still his dense self. Sorry, perhaps I shouldn't have spoken so openly, how you've described him makes him sound that way to me is all. 'Why ask' is possibly what you're thinking... I've heard of what happened... The incident at Beaux... There's a feeling roaming inside of me about that as well... This one I can't exactly pin point... Is it curiousity? Perhaps anticipation for what comes next? I can't tell for sure. I wonder... Well only the passage of time will enlighten me of these answers. It was fine to write this down and clear my mind. Perhaps this will sate the feeling inside of me right now.

From, Apex Batts (Batty)
Apex Batts
Azkaban Inmate
Azkaban Inmate

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Re: Delivery Successful (Belle)

Post by Belle Venox on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:32 pm

Dear BoyVamp,

That's rather pleasing to hear. If the package didn't reach destination, then I would've just sent poison to kill off the owls in that damn school. Did anything notable occur at their little ball of theirs? I'm honestly shocked at the lack of concern that happened at Beaux. You and I both knew if this occurred at Hogwarts, they'd call for the death penalty. I guess Aerix is doing good. I don't really keep up with my fellow Death Eaters that often. I just happen to be close to him. Do you need one of your inmates to try to get in a fistfight with you so you can realize what your mind has been saying like last time? I'll end it here before some stupid guy tries to get in my business. Write back soon.

Sincerely, Belle Venox
Belle Venox
Death Eater
Death Eater

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