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Drinking and Just living (Open)

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Drinking and Just living (Open)

Post by Rhys Finley on Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:59 pm

Rhys went to the lost corridor he honestly did not see the need to join in the halloween festivities. So he decided to make his own. Grabbing the bottle he drank it downow. Then he grabbed a vial of wolfsbane and downed it as well. He just loved that stuff. He just wanted to be alone since hey you know he could say his life was good though it got lonely being on the top though he shared the alpha position with his brother.
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Re: Drinking and Just living (Open)

Post by Harlyn Proctor on Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:10 am

Harlyn abandoned the party, the person she had hoped to see for a strange reason did not attend and her only thought was to take a wander around. She held her lighter in hand, clicking it open and formed a ball of fire and made it gently sizzle like it was about to explode but waved her hand, making it disappear as she walked. She rounded a corner, accidentally making one of the balls of fire explode loudly when she spotted someone in the Lost Corridor. "Oh, shit." She mumbled, patting the sleeve of her shirt as she set it alight. "First impressions; shit." She whispered to herself and narrowed her eyes at the person, recognising him but found herself unable to think of his name. "Hey, you alright there?" She called over, beginning to skip towards him like a child.

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