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Soon Enough (One-Shot)

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Soon Enough (One-Shot)

Post by Apex Batts on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:32 pm

Apex was talking with bats as usual, and another came. They seemed in a rush to speak to him, and he dropped his other conversations. It made some high pitched noises, speaking its bat language. No one else Apex knew could understand them, but that was fine by him. He liked to gossip quietly with them, without risk of others hearing. As it finished, Apex's head twitched rapidly at the news of Beauxbatons. Once he calmed down he responded in their language. "You did good to deliver this news," he announced, "rest, you deserve it." He reached a hand out and gently patted it on the head. The little bat quickly turned and flew off, and Apex returned to conversation with the other bats.

Soon the bats left him to think alone for a bit. Apex was excited by the thoughts going through his head, the news of Beaux and its fate was only boosting his excitement. This was asking for serious change, to attempt to calm himself he began tapping his fingers together once again. His thoughts began to ponder elsewhere and his mind drifted. He fell onto the floor after losing his balance from his twitching which was more like struggling at that point. Apex rose from the ground, and lowered his hood. He felt his face and let out a breath, unsure if it was out of easing or disappointment. He looked up to the ceiling. "What would they have wanted?" He looked straight forward, and put his hood over his eyes again. He jumped to the ceiling and hung upside down once more. "Either way, a lot will be happening soon enough, no matter what you would've wanted of me." He began to tap his fingers once again, pushing the thoughts of other people away.
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