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Message from a bat (one-shot)

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Message from a bat (one-shot)

Post by Apex Batts on Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:05 pm

Apex stood in his cell, his hood covering the top part of his face. The day was going by in it's usual way, he spoke with the bats at the window of his cell. They were always helpful, they even warned him when those hunting him were nearby. The company was always nice, though some may have find it strange. The bats commonly delivered messages to him as well, most of the time it was for simple communication.

A few days ago was different, a bat told him of a gift coming to him. The one sending it turned out to want him to deliver it somewhere else. She worried that it likely wouldn't make it to it's destination if sent directly. Considering the one who made this request, he understood the concerns. A death eater known as Belle Venox, requested a mask be delivered to a Hogwarts student, Felix Venox. Apex understood that family was a strong bond, and a hard one for anyone to overcome. He knew this well.

Apex heard footsteps in the hall, and dropped the conversation with the bats. The foot steps stopped in front of his door, and the guard called out. "You have a gift Batts, don't try anything funny." Apex knew he would have a good chance here and he would jump all over it when revealed. The guard opened the door, stepped forward and placed a package on the ground. It appeared small enough for a mask. The guard began to shut the door, and Apex managed to snag his mind. they were now hallucinating, and confused. Apex got the guard to reopen the door a bit, and lean down to pick up the package. Apex walked forward, getting close to the door and freedom. It was tempting to kill this guard and just walk out. He looked at the package again, and shook his head. "Thank you, for the delivery."

The guard walked out into the hall, and Apex shut the door behind them. Apex got the guard to lock the door from their side. Apex sat down and guided their illusion to make them think they would deliver some message, making sure they thought it was important. This required a lot of focus with something like a door between Apex and a victim. After a few minutes, through guidance and illusion, the guard had an owl deliver the package to Hogwarts. Nothing attached to it except the anonymous note it originally came with, replacing the name Apex Batts, with Felix Venox. The note was also altered to mention a masquerade, as per the the request. He breathed deeply, relaxing his mind.

Apex turned back to look at the window, returning to conversing with the bats. "Sorry about that, just had to clear something up from a few days ago." He shrouded himself in front of the bats. For some reason, he couldn't help a feeling inside of him. Maybe it was helping a troubled family make up to each other in a subtle way that brought this feeling. Family, that was a nice word in Apex's ears.
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