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Talking to No One (One Shot)

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Talking to No One (One Shot)

Post by Delphi Riddle on Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:17 pm

Delphi stared at the wall and wondered what she did so to end up in here yet again. "One day I will get out, and I will kill those who put me in here." She said to the wall. She got up and twirled her ponytail and walked around her small little cell. "Oh, I do hope I get the chance to see their face when I return into civilization. Oh, it will be so fun seeing them beg for their pathetic little lives." She said to her walls as a smile crept across her face and she didn't care how crazy she seemed; she had figured that out long ago. Though this solitary confinement was not helping, she had no one to talk to but herself.

"My you are looking pretty my darling. My do you want to dance?" Delphi began to hum and dance around the room. She wondered about the boys who she had messed with one who she had figured out was gay. She smirked "Oh Albus you have no idea that Scorpius wants to be more then just friends with you." She said with a smirk. "Oh to play with them some more that would be so much fun. Hmm I wonder if I can maybe get in their minds from here. Oh to send them to my rescue. Hmm I better not though it will be a little too dangerous."
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