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Protective (Open)

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Protective (Open)

Post by Mayari Adair on Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:09 pm

Mayari wandered across the school, barefoot as always but multiple bracelets and charms were on her ankles to make it not look so naked and when she moved, they jingled and warned people when she was arriving. Finally, she arrived at the fountain of sapphires and she sat on the edge, cupping it and let it cascade down her arms before her two companions appeared beside her, croaking at her for leaving them behind. "Huginn, Muninn, forgive me." She said dramatically, rolling her eyes before they both rested on her shoulders, nuzzling at her face and once they finished, settled in her hair, she began to wander away from the fountain, her attention being drawn back to the way she came by someone's feet scuffing against the floor. "Hello?" Mayari called out, placing her hand on Huginn's chest who was the more protective Raven of the two. 

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