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Celaena Hendrix

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Celaena Hendrix

Post by Celaena Hendrix on Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:54 pm

Name: Celaena Mayari Hendrix
Nicknames: Cel
Titles: Knight, Professor
Date of Birth: 14th February
Age: 26 
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Current Home: Oslo, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
School: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 11", Dogwood, Chimera Scale Fragment, Solid. Celaena's wand is actually dark in colour, despite the natural wood being quite light and its engraved with runes that promise victory and healing. The handle is smooth and curved elegantly but there is a sharpness to it that implies danger. Just like Celaena. She is delicate looking but she is a true warrior with the fury of a thousand gods raging through her.

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Wavy, likes a braid or ponytail
Eye Color: Hazel, looks more green
Body Type: Muscular, slim
Other Distinguishing Features: Few sword marks and has an arrow scar in her shoulder.
Clothing Style: Has to wear some kind of armour, it feels like a mask. Without it, she begins to crumble. Even if its just gauntlets. She's armed to the teeth, even in a dress.

Celaena may look like a confident woman but underneath the mask and covering of amour, she's a wreck who drowns her sorrows in alcohol and the occasional fights in the underground fighting ring. She is fragile from the deaths of her loved ones but she tries to stay strong, alcohol being the only thing that really soothes her. She's protective, possessive and caring to those she loves but for the past five years, that's been no one but her father. She's obsessed with weapons, knowing every little thing about them and how to use them; hence why she is now the Weaponry Professor. She had wanted to be the Potions and Poisons Professor, due to her unique Liquid Manipulation but the position was already taken. She just wishes the nightmares go away.

Father's Name: Apollo Hendrix
Age: 46
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Auror - Knight
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Odette Hendrix nee Knox
Age: 46
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: House wife
Status: Deceased

Siblings: Emmett Hendrix, 24, Pureblood, N/A, Deceased

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: Blaise Cador, 26, Halfblood, N/A, Deceased

Pets: N/A

Other Key Members: N/A

Celaena loved her childhood. She had loving parents and an adorable brother who she protected even at a young age. Any time he fell over, she'd be here with a bandage and kiss away his tears and whenever their parents had their usual arguments, more her mother shouting about how she's allowed to have a job but her father refusing because of how dangerous it could be - she would sneak into his room and hold him to her chest as he cried. He was a smart kid and would always ask her if their parents were getting a divorce. Being a 'Daddy's girl', she asked her father and he realised how much they were damaging their family and he allowed his wife to work. However, that would be the first bit of darkness that affected Celaena.

The first day of their mother's job would be her last day altogether. On the way to work, a muggle job in fact and she was robbed the moment she exited. Witnesses had told the Hendrix family that she had a smile on her face when she left, that they remembered it because it was so beautiful and so happy that they were drawn to her. Drawn to her enough to see the blade slice her throat which was an accident. They had wanted to cut the necklace off her but missed and stabbed her in the jugular instead, causing her to instantly bleed out. There was no way of saving her. Celaena remembers it all too clearly and its the start of events that caused her to withdraw herself.

Celaena thought about her mother a lot of the time and would often read the case file about it and was thankful they caught the man but wasn't happy that he wasn't killed. Throughout her life, she was taught to fight by her father as he was a Knight - Something she wanted to become. This allowed her to know every little thing about weapons and how to use them. She became the family weapons expert because she knew more than her father by the age of ten. Her brother was more fascinated by the science of things and the use of magic; the idea of the impossible to be specific. Emmett was definitely the smarter sibling out of the two of them.

Blaise. The story of Blaise was a sweet one, with the harsh ending that ruined Celaena to this day. They had met in their Third Year of Durmstrang and became best friends instantly, their love for weapons causing them to bond quickly. But by their fifth year, they admitted that they had fallen in love and despite how young they were, it was definite. What helped was Blaise also adored Celaena's brother and they became close after they got together. It was a beautiful relationship and they were joined by the hip until the age of 21.

A few months before Celaena's 21st birthday, having been swamped with university work, Blaise decided that she needed a day off and took her on a date. The date ended up with him proposing and she hadn't felt so happy in a long time, her mother's death having caused her to become depressed and have emotional difficulties through her entire life. But unfortunately, he didn't have a ring as it was a spur in the moment kind of proposal. Something they both had wanted. So two days after, Blaise and Emmett decided to go ring shopping as the siblings were so close that he knew what she would want. This is where it took a turn. To this day, Celaena has no idea if it was muggles or wizards who did it but whoever it was, left behind a bloodbath. Inside of the Jewellers, there were ten bodies in total and all of them were slaughtered. However, it was clear Blaise was the main target or at least he put up at a fight. All because he was hung upside down in the middle of the room, his hands were missing as it would've stopped him from fighting and his throat was slit. There was inches of blood all over the floor from every body in the room and what horrified Celaena was how her brother was kneeling in front of Blaise and his body had been strapped to a chair to force him to look at Blaise whilst they both bled out. They had used Blaise's phone to contact the authorities, and Celaena who arrived before them and saw everything. It burned itself into her mind. Whilst people would've thought it was her that was the target, she knew she was placed as Sel on Blaise's phone as an inside joke because the day after they met, he believed her name was Selena.

Celaena was ruined after that. She drank the nights and days away, hoping to remove the bloodbath from her mind that ended her fiance and her little brother. Now all she had was her father who held her as she cried. Despite being a Knight and being a powerful woman, she was fragile and broken and hardly knew how to cope with alcohol soothing her and making her forget. After five years, she decided to get out of her comfort zone and get away from the fighting rings which allowed her to let out her anger and go into teaching. She was still fragile and unable to get the images out of her mind but she went after her dream; to become a Weaponry Professor. Well. Second dream. Poisons were her speciality due to her ability so she would've liked to be the Potions and Poisons Professor but Weaponry was another she loved so she didn't mind that the position was taken. Now she's excited to become the professor and perhaps help people love it was much as she did.

The Hendrix Family is a quiet pureblood family, sticking to more of the Monarchy to serve and protect than be apart of the Ministry. Celaena's father is apart of both, having found that most Royal Families are Wizard families so he decided to become an Auror. Their family is made up of Knights or Scholars, muscle and brains but as the centuries went by, they became both. Celaena being a prime example. Celaena's mother's side were more there for the looks and for the brains; being the hosts of parties and the voice at political disputes. Now, Celaena is branching out to become a Professor, as well as a Knight.

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Re: Celaena Hendrix

Post by Odysseus Largo on Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:56 pm

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