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Why I am even here exactly? (Open)

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Why I am even here exactly? (Open)

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:30 am

Why was Gaston even in Joke shop wasn't even sure for him. He just walked in here since he was bored probably or he just wanted to see what they offer. He wasn't really that much of pranks for sure. Okay at times he liked to annoy his siblings but mostly just by talking with them and distracting them from doing what they wanted. He could even piss them off for sure.

Awhile walking around he came to idea maybe he could to do some pranks for his siblings. So he could have some fun or some of his friends. So he began to look carefully around the shop but at the end he wasn't sure what the heck he should even buy from here. He didn't know what these most of things even did. He looked around maybe he could ask someone help but he didn't spot anyone who could help him right now. So he just sighed.

Awhile he dropped his idea and began to walk out of shop the door opened. So he just bumped into someone there now. "Sorry," he said there even.

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