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Post by Liuva on Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:14 pm

Hybrids are often considered the result of breeding between two different species. In fact, that is the only possible way hybrids are possible. Can a werewolf also become a vampire after being bitten by one? No, that is impossible and an urban myth. When a werewolf is bitten by a vampire, a venom that is in the vampire’s fangs gets secreted through the werewolf’s skin. The venom can weaken even the strongest werewolves to a certain degree. However, this doesn't stop vampires and werewolves from falling in love and reproducing. Werewolf/Vampire hybrids are the most common due to the high number of the two creatures compared to the rest. What kind of abilities can a hybrid have? Just like genetics in general, the kind and strength of abilities the offspring inherits from the parents is a lottery. It also depends on what creatures the parents were. There is often debate on whether Angel/Demon hybrids are the most powerful, but there is no true consensus due to the diversity shown among all kinds of hybrids. Kuningaz Ricimar, a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid extant since ancient times, is considered to be “The First Hybrid.” Due to his mysterious nature, very little is known about him other than that he is the chief of a very secretive nomadic tribe known as the Irminones which are said to be a tribe composed of nothing but hybrids.
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