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sierra logan

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sierra logan

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:48 pm

The Basics

Name: Sierra Logan

Nicknames: Era

Age: 14

Blood Status: Pureblood

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Current Home: Jacksonville, Florida

Nationality: American

School: Ilvermorny 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 

Wand: Oak wood, phoenix feather core, nine inches.


Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Style: Long and straight

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Slim

Height: 5'4"

Other Distinguishing Features: Nose piercing, heart shaped tattoo

Clothing Style: Rocker style


Likes: Rock music, the dark arts, Quidditch 

Dislikes: Opera music, dresses, pink

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust people, animals, afraid of birds

Strengths: Fashionable, loyal, determined

Positive Traits: People person, a good friend (to the few she has), (usually) honest

Negative Traits: Easily influenced by the dark arts, manipulative, prankster 


Father's Name: Marcovian Logan

Age: 39

Blood Status/Species: Pureblood 

Occupation: Death Eater

Status: Living

Mother's Name: Adrianna Logan

Age: 37

Blood Status/Species: Pureblood

Occupation: Death Eater/Part time model

Status: Living

Siblings Max Logan, 22 (15), Pureblood, Deceased 

Children: -

Spouses/Partners: -

Pets: Max, 7, dog, living

Other Key Members: -


Sierra's closest friend in the world was always her brother, Max. They had a fairly ordinary upbringing, but she was significantly younger than him so she idolised him and wanted to join him in everything that he did. When Sierra was seven and her brother was fifteen, their family was in a car accident that ended his life. Sierra is still grieving after the loss of her brother, because she never made any other friends out of the fear of losing them, too.

When she started tutoring, Sierra threw all of her focus into that. She enjoyed the lessons, and she loved to achieve the best grades that's she could. It was only the simple things, like writing and mathematics, but she worked hard at it knowing that it was preparing her for Ilvermorny, where she knew that she would one day go to school. She still missed her brother every day, but being able to focus on something else helped her immensely.

Of course, her parents were devastated by the accident, but managed to keep themselves together for Sierra's sake. She was their entire world now, and she was never left wanting for affection from them. So, when she was accepted at Ilvermorny, she was excited, but knew that both she and her parents would find their separation difficult. When she finally arrived at the school, she found herself with a renewed energy for friendships, hoping to fill the void left by her close relationship with her parents during the school year. She made a few friends in her year and slowly has begun to accept that she lost her brother, but that she didn't have to stop living because of it.

Family History: 

Sierra doesn't know a lot about her extended family, because she has never had much to do with with. It had always just been herself, her parents and her brother. She and her brother were born nine years apart, so they rarely argued and had a very close relationship. Her older brother died at fifteen, and so it was just Sierra and her parents. Her parents bought her a dog a few months after the accident, and Sierra named it Max after her brother.


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Re: sierra logan

Post by Talia Stilldancer on Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:56 pm

Alias :
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head torturer
Sexual Orientation :
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Death Eaters
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mary elizabeth winstead
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Death Eater

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