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Post by Hydra Lam on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:26 pm

Creatures of nature, fairies are often depicted as being small and elfish with flight powered by magic. Believe it or not, there are many that look and seem just like you and I. Fairies have often been depicted in folklore as filled with malice causing many old wives tales to be spread around to give tips for protection. In reality, it’s a lot more complicated than that. There are fairies who are just like those you see in Disney movies: a whole community filled with laughter and light. There are also those who are rogue and uses their magic to work against the better of the world joining organizations such as the Death Eaters.

How can you identify a good fairy from an evil fairy? It’s quite simple actually. When you’re around a good fairy, the temperature around you gets slightly warmer feeding some positive energy into you; you become livened up and suddenly a bit more optimistic about the world. However, around a evil fairy, everything starts to get colder. Your flight-or-fight response begins to become more and more apparent to you. You can’t help but think you’re being watched; it’s almost as if you’re being hunted by a malevolent spirit. Everything you knew about the world just seems as if it’s all going downhill to you. To minimize the effects from an evil fairy, you must do a cleanse with sage and moonwater to get rid of whatever impurities they might’ve inflicted on you.

Is it possible to repel an evil fairy? There are a few methods out there, but none have been agreed to on a consensus. One major way is to put a piece of dry bread in your pocket. The use of bread represents home, hearth, and life which is the exact opposite of the chaos evil fairies want.

What are some common characteristics of a fairy? The big ones to look out for are the feelings you get from their presence as many do not bear their wings as a way of camouflaging themselves in public. If a good fairy trusts you enough to show you their wings, you are given a sense of protection. As soon as you manage to break that trust, it’s gone. Like the length of wands, the size of wings vary depending on one’s temperament. The more wicked and cunning a fairy is, the smaller they are resembling small pixie wings. Good fairies tend to have rounder, brighter, and larger wings comparable to a butterfly. Royal fairies have the grandest and most extravagant of wings to show their status.

Compared to the Merpeople, the government of the fairies is a less strict monarchy. They stay neutral in almost all creature and wizarding conflicts due to the unpredictable nature of their beings. It also gives them more leverage within inter-creature conflicts as they are often assumed to have few, if any, ulterior motives.

Enhanced Senses
Fairy Aura
Nature Manipulation (Varies by fairy; monarchs are considered to be the most powerful. However, no fairy can possess full control of nature as it would go against Mother Nature)
Semi-Immortality(They don't age, but they can still be killed)

Fairies don't necessarily believe in the idea of hierarchies, but they have an unspoken class system. It is possible to move between the classes; however, if one wants to join the Monarchs through marriage, they'll have a more difficult time than a tradesman working their way up to being a patrician.

Monarchs - The royal family
Patricians - Wealthy fairies who have connections to the Monarchs
Tradesmen - Higher working class
Proletarians - Middle working class
Plebeians - Commoners

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