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Post by Hydra Lam on Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:37 pm

A creature of Japanese folklore, kitsunes are often depicted as mythical foxes with the ability to shapeshift. They are often believed to possess a longer life span, magical powers, and superior intelligence unlike the regular human. Kitsunes can also have multiple tails depending on factors such as age, wisdom, and power. The most reported amount was 9, but having 2-3 tails are the most common in those who have multiple tails. There are considered to be two types: Zenko (Good) and Yako (Mischievous). Zenko, also known as Inari foxes. They are thought of to be benevolent and celestial; they are also said to bring luck and represent fertility, rice, tea, and sake. Yako are believed to be malicious and are often thought of to be a spirit possession of foxes. They differ from other foxes in appearance as their colors and black and white with the size bigger than a mouse but smaller than a cat.

Being considered shapeshifters, kitsunes have many tales revolving around It is often considered to be an ability that is learned with age; tales are often in disagreement on whether it is learned at age 50 or at age 100. In order to shapeshift, a kitsune would have to place reeds, a leaf, or a skull on their heads.

The legends weren't that wrong when it came to kitsunes, but they are much more humanoid than thought. They look like your average, everyday human being except with noticeable fox tail(s) and ears. Not every kitsune embraces those features, however, as they do the most to hide the fact they're not the most human. In fact, they're able to live life rather normally as they're not considered to be as dangerous as werewolves.

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