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Post by Hydra Lam on Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:10 pm

Vampires are commonly known for being immortal creatures of the night, which isn't a common misconception at all. It is possible for one to potentially be out in the sun, but it'd require a bunch of sunscreen, a parasol, and many layers of clothing. Many don't find the effort worth it, so they mainly stay nocturnal when it comes to outdoor wanderings spending majority of their time indoors. The wealthy vampires are able to afford jewelry specially made to let them walk in the sun. However, such belongings are very rare to where the common vampires are unable to buy such possessions. Due to their nocturnal nature, they mainly run businesses such as nightclubs allowing them to make a living while not exposing who they are. They are able to turn people into vampires whether accidentally or purposely, which could be with or without consent, simply by sticking their fangs, which secretes a special venom used to transform others, into their neck. When one is turned to a vampire, they are asleep for 1-2 days before the changes take full effect. Vampires can also be born; however, for the case of part-vampires, it is mainly determined by the father.
Vampires mainly rely on blood for nutrients, however, they are able to consume some meat, mainly very rare steak. Being said that blood is the staple of a vampire's diet they can get their blood from many sources; animals (though animal blood will not give them all the nutrients that they need), blood bags (may lack nutrients because of age), and right out of the vein from a human (this is the best for the vampire to keep up their strength but usually frowned upon by humans). To prevent extreme blood-thirst, vampires must consume blood a couple times a month.
Vampires look like humans in appearance with slightly paler skin. They have fangs that they can retract at will which allows them to blend in with human beings that walk the street.  When they are in blood lust, they have bloodshot red eyes with veins noticeable around the eye. When a mortal is turned into a vampire, they retain they've had since birth. There are a few vampires whose eyes turn black when experiencing hunger, but that is usually a phenomenon for born vampires/
Vampires are weak when it comes to Christian imagery, so they avoid churches and religious sites as much as possible, but being around those will just merely drain them of energy. A wooden stake and holy water could easily kill a vampire. Overtime, they became more resistant to garlic and is able to consume and be around it; consuming garlic can give them stomach problems, but it isn't anything major as long as the dosage isn't too much.

Full Vampire Abilities
Enhanced Senses

Half-Vampire Abilities
Decelerated Aging
Enhanced Senses (Lesser than full vampires)
The Hierarchy
Social order also happens to be rather important to vampires; some businesses they may run could also have various hierarchies to reflect such importance. Royalty are considered to be at the top of the totem pole with the turned vampires at the bottom with various exceptions depending on a turned vampire's case. This is the general hierarchy as the council also has a hierarchy of their own.

Royal Family - The two rulers & whatever kin they may have
Council - Those with spots on the council; members usually raised to be in it
Noble Families - Families of Council members & smaller royal families that are throughout the world to assist in keeping order in that area
Ordinary Born Vampires - Are just like a normal human would be considered in the world, however they are still stronger than those who were turned. They are also higher in the hierarchy as they are of pure vampire blood through and through
Turned Vampires - Not as privileged as born vampires; exceptions of those in the higher ranks whether through marriage or from being turned from half-vampire to full. Turned vampires are often weaker than those that have been born as well.
Pariah - Vampires that have been ostracized from the vampire society for whatever reason. Major reasons to be ostracized are: Uncontrolled blood lust killing sprees, Killing of a council member without reason, and not keeping the laws of the council.
Unknown Ancestry - Vampires who do not say if they are turned or born

Known Vampires
King: Alucard (Jonathan Smyth)
Queen: Akeldama Soyinka

Head: (Reserved for Erebus Lam)
Deputy Head: (Open)
Members: Esmeralda Lam, Athanasia, Alexei Chekov

Esmeralda Lam
Desdemona (Unknown half sister of Alucard)
Hydra Lam (Pariah)

Ordinary Vampires: 

Turned Vampires:
Cernunnos Largo
Dalia Riddle 
David Shuter
Eric Charleston

Hydra Lam (Nobility)

Unknown Ancestry
Griselda Thisted

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