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Post by Hydra Lam on Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:35 pm

werewolvescharacteristic. characteristic. characteristic.Werewolves are said to be infected with lycanthropy, which isn't a lie, but their social structure can be compared to actual wolves. Werewolves always follow their alpha, the one who infected them, it is very uncommon for this to not occur. Cursed or born werewolves are pretty much lone wolves, but their instincts cause them to follow their parents. They are forced to transform on a full moon, which is quite a painful process, however they are able to change at nights other than that by will, if they know how to. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Werewolves have increased strength, can heal minor cuts, and are faster than the average human. Even though Wolfsbane is said to help keep their human mind during transformations, it is actually quite poisonous and probably won't be that beneficial in the long run. It is possible to develop an intolerance to silver, which can burn them and is unbreakable.


Most werewolves are still humanoid in appearance when they turn. However, they have elongated sideburns, a defined brow and sharpened ears. They also have fangs, and their eyebrow often meet at the bridge of their nose. Their fingernails become elongated and curved. On the rarest occasion, a werewolf will shift into a full wolf. This is generally just the alpha of the pack that will be able to do this. Shifting into a full wolf is more painful than it is to shift into the humanoid version as it consists of the reconstruction of bones to the structure of that of a wolf. (if you would like your werewolf to shift into a full wolf contact an admin for approval as this is rare for the site)  

There is a dominant pack known as the "alpha pack", but their position in the top can be challenged, so being the highest in rank isn't a lifelong guarantee if another pack comes along to overthrow them.

Alpha Pack
Alpha: Jasper Collins
Beta: Tristan Lycanthe
Omega: Open
General members:
Kira Cartwright

Beta Pack
Alpha: Open
Beta: Open
Omega: Open
General Members:

Omega Pack
Alpha: Ivan Volkov
Beta: Open
Omega: Open
General members

Other Packs:
Original Pack (these are decedents from the original werewolves):
Alpha: Arsen Lafayette
Beta: (Open)
General members: (Open)
Omega: (Open)

Lone Wolves: These are werewolves that are not part of any pack

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