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Chocolate and Sweets ( Open )

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Chocolate and Sweets ( Open )

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:43 am

Autumn had been very excited after finding out she was going on vacation with her family, and hoped that it would be the best vacation ever. Since Autumn wanted her gift to be amazing and that their would be no fighting between her siblings. Which only but mostly commonly happened and today she wanted to get something that could perhaps give her the energy to get some things since today was a shopping day.

Leaving Autumn to walk down Diagon Alley, in a nice red cordial dress, toe post sandals, and a dreamcatcher necklace. . She loved her outfit like she did with all her clothing, and she soon wondered. As she peered into so many shop windows and remembered being a first year coming her and getting her belongings.

Soon leading Autumn to go an perhaps maybe get some ice cream, as she had loved ice cream just as much as she loved animals. Autumn had been wondering if she could perhaps meet some people before she did her shopping. Since she knew her two younger siblings were already in Diagon Alley doing whatever, although her twin brother and sister were in muggle London since Madison wanted some muggles things for the trip.

Autumn didn't know what to think as she soon looked and entered Florean Fortecues a place she had went to as an child and would always get ice cream there. Leaving Autumn to walk up to the clerk, and she said. " Could I have two scoops of strawberry and one scopp of chocolate with some strawberies, fudge, and whipped cream, sprinckles and a cherry on top. " smiled Autumn as the clerk nodded.

" Thank you so much " she said as she gave the money and saw the others on their phones as she soon sat down on got on her phone and wondered what to do. Having an odd feeling that something was up as she soon had a bite and wondered.

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