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Post by Hydra Lam on Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:57 am

Demons are not born they are created by the devil himself or approved by him. One of the most common ways is selling your soul to the devil. Although they are not immortal, they can heal themselves to an extent. Powers vary by the element that is bestowed upon them. For example, those bestowed under water may have the ability to breathe underwater and the ability to manipulate a body of water.

Known Demon Powers:

Demons may have all or just a couple of the following some are only for those who are considered elites.

   Mind Manipulation (Only Elites)
   Elemental Control
   Necromancy (Only Elites)

How to sell your soul to the devil:

These are some examples on how to sell your soul to the devil however they differ for each depending on what the devil desires of and or from the person selling their soul

Must be near death
Have something that the devil would consider valuable (ie. a specific power)
Contract must be signed in blood

Demon Hierarchy:

Hierarchy that goes from the elite, able to manipulate their way to be in the top of the social pyramid, and those far below to where they must resort to illegal doings just to survive. They are able to procreate with humans, but there isn't a guarantee about whether or not the child will also be a demon. If they are, they have abilities to a lesser extent.

The following is the list of the demons of this site and the order. There is only six demons here at the moment with the top and most powerful being Ivan Feofan the Dark Lord himself.  Half or hybrid demons are lesser than those who are full.

Known Demons and ranks

Elites (Demonic Council)
1. Ivan Feofan
2. (Open discuss with admin why your demon should be an elite)
3. (Open discuss with admin why your demon should be an elite)

Lesser Demons
1. (Open)
2. (Open)
3. (Open)

Half/Hybrid Demons (Open)
1. Dysmas Feofan
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